Hong Kong Memories 香港長憶 | Calligraphy by Hou Beiren | UMAG Collection, Gift of Hou Beiren | HKU.Ca.2019.2460 | 2019

HK Memories | 香港長憶

TitleHK Memories | 香港長憶
ArtistHou Beiren
MediumInk on paper
Dimensions80 cm × 72 cm
ProvenanceDonated by Hou Beiren in November 2019
CollectionUniversity Museum and Art Gallery, HKU
InscriptionIn 2019, when Hou Beiren was 103, he made this work of calligraphy to commemorate his time in Hong Kong. In autumn 1949, my wife Zhang Yunqing and I left Beijing and settled in Diamond Hill, Kowloon, where I made a living as a writer. In 1950, my son Hou Yilong was born and then my daughter Hou Dagang in 1952. Making a living as a writer was quite challenging, but the effort I put in was fruitful. I wrote numerous articles, individual prose works and books. During this period, I first met many famous artists such as Zhang Daqian and Zheng Shiqiao, from whom I learned much during our discussions on painting. Many of the articles I published at that time are still valued among the literary community. It has now been half a century since moving to California in autumn 1956. Time waits for no one. I have spent my whole life painting, and now realize that I indeed have grown old. I can still hold a brush, though my hair has turned white. I made this work of calligraphy to express my feelings for all of the renowned individuals and friends who I came to know, and for the University of Hong Kong. Hou Beiren at Old Apricot Villa, 8 August 2019
SealsHou Beiren's Seal (square relief), Old Apricot Villa (square intaglio), MISSING 1