Frost on Autumn Mountain 霜染秋山 | UMAG Collection, Gift of Hou Beiren | HKU.P.2019.2459 | 2018

Frost on Autumn Mountain | 霜染秋山

TitleFrost on Autumn Mountain | 霜染秋山
ArtistHou Beiren
MediumInk and colour on paper
Dimensions142 cm × 74 cm
ProvenanceDonated by Hou Beiren in November 2019
CollectionUniversity Museum and Art Gallery, HKU
InscriptionFrost on Autumn Mountain. Water trickles, bright colours filled with paper, colourful floating clouds. Painted by Hou Beiren in the Old Apricot Villa at the age of 101.
SealsHou Beiren's Seal (square intaglio), Old Apricot Villa (square relief) Missing 3